Where your website is hosted is important

Graffiti’s Google Tips – Hosting

After discussions with our internal design and SEO team here in our Warrington head offices we’ve been discussing the importance of where a website is hosted. Ours are in Manchester, UK. Where are yours and why does it matter?

If you host with GoDaddy actually Google thinks you’re in Sweden because that’s where they host There’s other places where you’ll be hosting, in America, Malaysia and an array of other places.

The problem with that is if your business is in this country, the UK and you’re not hosted here, we have a bit of an issue and Google will have a bit of an issue.

Graffiti’s tip?

Whoever you host with, make sure they are hosted in the country in which you do your business whether that is the UK, Germany, USA wherever; because Google knows where you are hosted and it can find that out that information in no time at all

For more discussions on this issue the please email us james@graffiti-digital.co.uk or call on 01925 563 855

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