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Information Technology

IT services refers to the application of business and technical expertise to enable organisations in the creation, management and optimisation of or access to information and business processes. … There are also different categories of service: business process services, application services and infrastructure services.

At Graffiti Digital we have the capacity to support your IT and data infrastructure requirements


Search Engine Optimisation, what is that, a dark art? Actually it’s not, we just follow the guidelines to quality optimisation, create brilliant and unique content that will help you stand out and get your website noticed by the search engines. There’s a lot of technical elements and all of the team members that service you will have 5+years of experience in SEO. This part is adding the petrol to the car, helping your website move and directing it to the right place. The right place is wherever your customers are looking. We’re fully accountable too, all of our services are transparent and you’ll be able to track your performance with the tools that we supply. If your website isn’t bringing in new customers then it needs our help, so give us a call and let’s start the conversation about getting your website in a more visible place.

Web Design

In the past 10 years web design has transformed from a miniscule industry to a must have for any business. Graffiti have been there throughout that change. To get a design that you’ll love (which is important) but more importantly  that your audience will love to use is where we specialise. Our approach is tried and tested. We’ll get to know your business and your business goals, try to understand the behaviour of your clients and do plenty of research. We’ll revise the site along the way and we’ll make changes based on the feedback that you give to us. We’re heard it all so don’t be shy! We’re with you the whole way and try to meet every client that we work with, our commissions are affordable and final payment isn’t made until you’re 100% happy with he design and are happy to go live

Social Marketing

There’s an audience out there telling you what they want. On most social media platforms from Facebook to LinkedIn we’re sharing our interests, pains and gains more than ever before. And this is a marketeers dream, with our social marketing option you can make sure that your services are put in front of the right people. Afterwards, it’s all about conversions. Use social to get the right people learning about your services and then get them converting in to customers. It doesn’t take long to set up so have a chat with us and we’ll begin to build your social media profile

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