Graffiti Digital - We're live

Graffiti Digital - We're live

Graffiti Digital – Make your mark online!

So we’ve launched today, so what have we got to say?


Graffiti Digital are excited to be live! We’ve been working with a few clients behind the scenes and some examples of our work will be coming soon…there are some snippets on our website.


Who are we?

A digital marketing agency, focusing on helping businesses grow and building some long lasting relationships whilst doing so.


What we do?

Digital marketing, you know the usual, web design, SEO, PPC, Social marketing.


Do we do it better than everybody else?

Our passion is the client and the project. With a decade of experience in digital marketing we know what pleases our clients and what doesn’t. Most importantly there’s a track record for results. Graffiti Digital want every client to leave their mark online


Why Graffiti?

Experience, personality and understanding. After working for some of the best and most recognised digital marketing agencies in the country it was time to go it alone, with our plans and our principles.

We know to keep a client, we’ve got to deliver. Whether that’s quality design or the right financial results.


What to watch out for?

Lots of updates about our work, our passion is the work that we do, we’ll be showcasing great design and results.

Also, our team have a lot of knowledge, so we’ll post plenty of blogs with advice on how you can make your mark online!


Why Graffiti?

We’re passionate about any business being able to ‘make it’s mark online’. We’re not afraid to get you noticed against your big competitors.

More questions?


Get in touch:

01925 563 855

07507 773691

One Response

  1. I cant recommend Graffiti Digital enough.
    I needed a new website and having used a company both James and Alun had worked for before, I knew them both so was excited when James opened Graffiti. I knew I would be in safe hands!. They offered me an excellent deal which was something I could afford and being a Driving Instructor I needed to have my presence out there.
    Thank you James and Alun, I highly recommend Graffiti Digital to anyone you wants a great website with honest people.

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